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rockalwaysbeatspaper: Hi Jade! Can I just say that it makes me feel all squishy inside and smiley when I see your fic-writing updates on my dash? I love how into your story you are - it's sweet to see how passionate you are about it. Observing people do something they love (like 5 other boys *ahem*) is truly a beautiful thing. Please keep the feelings-while-you're-writing updates coming! : )

THIS IS SO CUTE OMG THANKS :’D sometimes I feel like I’m annoying when I post the little updates but, I’m just having so much fun writing it I need to vent sometimes, lol. Well, I’m glad you enjoy it and don’t find them annoying. haha, ily.

— Anonymous: What does Louis has to do with harry lmao


Have you ever been on my blog

— Anonymous: link for your fanfic pls? I keep losing that shit :(

Awww, no! Yeah! It’s HERE! :)

hoecasta: Hi i love you. You're so cute.

Thanks sweetie pie! :3 ily

i just saw a white girl with dreadlocks wearing a bindi………………

why did kelis have to release “milkshake” ??? that would’ve been a perfect single for harry styles

— Anonymous: You're writing the pregnant harry fic right the sugarscape thing made me cry harry needs to be pregnant o k

YES i am the writer it is me yes i know it killed me omg why isn’t he pregnant

ialwaysneedyourstrength: Hi Jade, sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if you could help me. I'm writing an mpreg!Harry for the mpreg month and I'd need a beta as english is not my mother tongue (as you can probably tell). If it's not too much trouble, could you please publish this message so that if someone is interested can contact me? Thank you very much :) xx

You’re not a bother!! If anyone is interested… :D


ok if harry had boobs, he’d be flaunting those things and showing maaad cleavage like u wouldn’t believeeee


let’s talk about it

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they have socks now lol

oh these are cute, i cant wait to w-


rihtweet: i love your blog date me

i see u went with the direct approach

someone write a short fic about harry and his new boob job pls