I'm Jade. :)
You don't have to ship HarryandLouis.
Just support love.


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— Anonymous: i love you and your blog, and larry. and it hurts me everyday that they cant just be who they are. they will be the death of me

Thank you! Ugh, same. Same… :’(

daysundercover: fucking amazingly talented!

If this is a compliment on my fic writing I’m gonna cry………………..

[whispers] thank you

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)

— Anonymous: nice and stuff i dont dare to talk to you because im so awkward o(╥﹏╥)o have a nice day or if its night at your side, hope you had a good one (: [ im absolute shit with timezones sorrryyyy ]

Thank youuu! But nooo, no!!! Stop that! I’m not scary (at least I don’t think I am, lol) so TALK T ME!!

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)

— Anonymous: vagina


— Anonymous: you're so beautiful...but that's not why i love you. the reason i love you is you being you. just you. idk if you like avril Lavigne or not :)

Oh, I’m assuming those are Avril lyrics then? lol, bc I got to the last sentence and I was like… well, that’s random. haha! Thankssssss!!!! :3 that’s v sweet of you.

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)

— Anonymous: freaking awesome. You are my favorite boyfriend blog. All of your posts make me SQUEEEEEEEE

THIS IS SO CUTE!!! Thank you!!! oh my god

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)


ok if harry had boobs, he’d be flaunting those things and showing maaad cleavage like u wouldn’t believeeee


let’s talk about it

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stylindamnson: You're so lovely and you have a beautiful name ^.^

Thank you!!! That’s so sweet. :’)

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)

— Anonymous: Supercalifragilisticexpealidotiosly-amazing.

u chose the longest adjective in the history of adjectives so thank you :))) lol

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)

— Anonymous: HarryandLouis

this is true

"You’re so…" (finish it in my ask)